Two compliments from Becca!


Becca Helen Gus and I had a slumber party at Gus’s!! 8 hours of hanging out with all of them made me feel uplifted, Gus was looking at my online prescience when she said I could for sure find good audio work here in the city. Helen said the same at some point in the sunny streets. Becca joined us that night with 4 amy’s burritoes and hot cheetos. Jokes and politics and great conversations. Helen and I bought them breakfast the next morning at something Taqueria.

I’m so happy my problems are more interesting!

The day my music came out on Spotify, I didn’t order a drink. ‘Let’s celebrate!’ I shouted. Let’s go to Muji! I’m back! I’m free! Back on art two stickers inbound. Wastched a skinny mikey Vincent derivative tag on the subway, they would be friends, looked like siblings.

I want to pee every 8 minutes for the rest of my life I love you

And more for heading to whose the ridge of the crest of the point,

it is (Z if Z was I)

You can be nonbinary hetero. Saidth the lord.

So, you know how to doodle, don’t ya?

I was at 99 rodgers when Jack called. But my throat hurt like hell and I had man flue.

Ate A fried chicken, ate thai curry, wrote a storm, read this delillo play, opened my heart to games with pieces of paper and friends and laughter, missed the boat on lisa’s girlfriend’s bday, look forward to seeing them soon this week hopefully, before I leave, before I leave and come back.

We got free chicken soup from the tamar’s tea house last night because we were the last ones to leave. I can’t wait to dive into it on my sick day. Free chicken soup the day you get sick? Doesn’t feel like the heartless New York so many feel here at this moment. I’m going to give and give and give and then, give and I will never ask for money back. Too much ibruprofen I think I need to cut back but it’s getting me through the weekend.

Gods Light Follows Everyone but Not Everyones Handsome

2020-02-23 11:03:05 -0500 EST

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