hand written notes transcription:

liberty bell walk w/bags to Geno’s down 9th

Met granny she said she’s helen and called me a handsome bo and told me to shave holed up

spanked man with a lamb
picasso don't give a damn
touched the thinker for a dollar
moment forgot but sold camera
video me this

I got that EBT
in that museum for free

just left rocky stairs
lookig at statues in the rain
never wne tinside
had to catch the train
to norfolk
home of the mermaid
Notes from Rodin Museum & Barnes Foundation
  • Temptation of Saint Anthony - Bosch

  • Live that calls random people and asks if they need help with anything

  • Crowdsourcing help, encourages all to answer the phone

  • Churico, Lurat, A. Pinto

  • Soutine, Van Gough, Matisse, Pascin, Frans Hals

Party Trick No. 78495

When you don't understand,
do a little dance.
How I came to love dancing

Genos Steak Trivia Bob

2020-02-05 12:58:22 -0500 EST

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