Tuesday 502 PM

Notes from Ep 2 podcast:

5:30 - alternatives to violence, how to approach conflict nonviolently

25:25 - a lot of suffering went into that thought

learn how to gain mastery over a few things - 5702

scales on teh piano early morning on the charles river weightlifting in the gym

hard work brings mastery

throwing yourself out in the community

doing volunteer things

did a lot of work in jails

“we’re wired to help others”

the more we help others the more fulfilled we feel

I can make a difference in the world through making chocolate


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On Caltrain heading to Noisebridge. Made a bunch of pasta. My hands are raw from yesterday. I realized how much I brush the tops of my hands when I’m doing things, dishes, digging through my backpack, changing clothes, even taking a shower. The pain is good. Had a nice talk with Bonnie.

I have a short session at the Y because I wanted to make as much progress as I could on Autodesk Fusion 360. I’ve seen more of the spinning wheel of death today alone, than I have in months.

This is the size of a CD. Going to mail out wood engravings of this to everyone that was at the family reunion. I’ll run the whole album through Izotope as well and master optimized for CDs. It’s a simple preset.

Being raw. I’m raw.

Bonnie offered to sing for me, I’m very excited about it.

Talked with my dad too, he was cracking up to the grateful dead documentary, I forget the name right now. Paul recommended it. In my next moment of weakness with wifi, I’ll watch it.

I’m healthy, but why do I feel so bad? I’ll feel better tomorrow, I know it.

I want to call Tom but it’s dinner time.

I want to make a video for Ben, asking for his employment…

I wish I brought a book on this train. Going to do another Fusion tutorial pdf listening to Acid Rap.

801 PM

@ Noisebridge

panel for inside the Cigar Box Midi Controller

Just drew this up and about to get trained on the laser cutter!!!!!!!!!! I’m a week away from being able to do it all myself MUAHAHAHAHA

Note, this took way less time because I wasn’t dicking around with SVGs, (which have so many data points, fusion 360 tweaks out to fusion 64 speeds)

Fusion Desk 360

2017-11-07 17:02:54 -0800 -0800

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