Tuesday 620 PM

why dont you get some sunscreen



I took flow for granted

this where I landed

and built a church


drunk shamans come in many flavors of modern day diogenes

1 second = 1 lifetime in hiphop

**wed 1251 am**

ive laughed a lot in life

that i have laugh wrinkles

i can feel my laugh wrinkles

i can feel my smile wrinkles at 26

can you feel

wed 956 AM under whelmed over whelmed generally whelmed

why do i slee p

life as a garden

why do i plant

why do i recird

Wednesday 119 PM

I can’t even look at myself right now.

I don’t deserve to read.

I slept through the calendar call for talking with Olliver.

After all this time.

So I could focus on what’s not working. Everything seems to have fallen through. But that’s not true and is only my perception.

I’m so broken I just slept 11 hours.

How am I not to think that I’m pissing this day away.

The sun is beating down dtrongly outside. I could’ve gone to the beach the past two days.

But I’m a slave to my ideals.

I don’t get it I can’t even function anymore. So I’m going to have to go even deeper, and get through this.

In this FBA, I’m not doing well.

food of depression food for soul

cancer for soul cancer for depression is inaction


wed 203 PM

I’m so disjointed. but better now.

I’m not sure what I’m really doing wrong. Well I know hwat I’m doing wrong but don’t seem to have the proper tempermant.

People love me. Whenever I move somewhere new, everyone falls IN LOVE with me and my work. But I prefer 1 on 1 relations, versus group dynamics. But blending well with a group is a daily requirence of my work.

And what is my work? Right now it’s getting a god damn map on the site.

nonpunitive discpline

Okene -=-

bear gryls

Nicholas Mevoli


”““Nicholas Mevoli, a charming, handsome youngster from Florida who died in 2013 at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas wrote in a blog post:

Emotions can be a great detriment to the freediver. Water is acceptance of the unknown, of demons, of emotions, of letting go and allowing yourself to flow freely with it. Never lie to the water because you are lying to yourself.“”

Poliwat by cats; Songs masterlist: (dif each time) songs are living entities, extensions of my self, that I get to evovle and interact with. Which is how we should look at these songs in a larger sense.

Arunima Sinha

AJ (shows date)

My life has been dedicated to the noblest cause, that of the freedom of the country. Therefore, there is no rest or worldly desire that can lure me now.[11]

Huang Dafa

this is a message to you future michael you need to quit doing all drugs and meditate in a field somewhere

no one has found .

what do I hate to see

before I see it

What do I love to see

before I see it

the ride
you ride
who you ride with
and when to ride

–==-=-=-==–==– –==-=-=-==–==—-==-=-=-==–==– –==-=-=-==–==– –==-=-=-==–==—-==-=-=-==–==–

camp counselor mike 1

“Today is your day. Bark whatever you want. But someday I will prove, without a doubt, the truth of what happened to me.”

watch me fail after 10 years then go again

get on this plane so we can all go again

play again steppenwolf

hail herman


talking about them doesn’t put you in their revered throne

what is your goal

to be long lasting

or to be long lasting on what time scale ?


Mem map sessions - sound library (first one) { where were you born and who were you with } Mem Map Sessions - share your own!

right now I’m sitting on kind of nothing, but a bunch of disjointed work

Functional Behavior Assessment

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