Wed 532pm

cant see the screen that well

in car wwith p diddy we’re getting some sd cards to backup his virus infected macbook and I get to use them after I fix it - hopefully it’ll get fixed with a fresh install of osx || and spent all day finishing the cabinet and now it’s in the garage and set up mics and vocal stuff and jordan came over and we airdropped each other torrents but we couldn’t get waves workin gon his machine for some reaon s and now we’re headin to walmart and weeeeeeeeee I was haunted for 12 months ever since calling that ghost a pussy during the wijjjjuuuuuuuuiiii board setup and im finally coming up at least setup wise, its been way too long without a setup and da mn i miss helen basically relapsed immediately but still havent smoked so I think I can last a while | || |


called a few people - chad offered 10 bucks an hour to organize his assets library ahahaha –

and got 2 sd cards thank god I can setup the other two pis now and the live streams can start up p soon. just have to figure out how the vizzy is going to play and what not and I can buy externals to

I think I’ll do vault 36 by booster packs each booster pack has the some fields like genre tag, location, camera, but if I do it by number then A - I can

if I do it by 10 at a time || and there’s lets sayd 1,400 items, that’s

140 uploads which isn’t bad because you can run multiple on different tabs

and the first ones, 1- 200 can stay the way they are really, its just they take so long and it seems riskier

So I think I’ll do them by bulk of 10, with a booster pack genre tagging system thing for each one || hmm ||



dick measuring contest for a family unit


Full Send Studio Setup

2019-07-10 17:31:55 -0700 -0700

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