Friday 149 PM

Find myself on caltrain again. The bandages on my hands make typing more difficult. I think I’ll take them off here, cause Matt said they should air out. met a cool circus dude on the ferry from san rafael to SF.

It was great catching a couple rainbows and balancing in the wind, an app Mile’s had told us we were going 45 mph.

*Friday 340 PM *

Mothers’ milk

Friday 602 PM

At the station. It was an interesting day. I feel many things. Had a nice meeting and got advice from Tom. We went over my Omari site and made some changes together. I need focus more than anything in my life right now. Today I realized I’m spreading myself a little too thin.

^ If I was at noisebridge I’d be working on getting the most basic MIDI messages to work with the teensy board.

But Tom set me off on a different path. My stress will lower if I’m able to pay my way. It will at least be more manageable. I’m tempted to smoke and drink, but I won’t. I need focus.

I just found out from him that the podcast will get a sponsor, but there’s a very low chance that the money will trickle down to us. In short terms because it legally has to go to Stanford first. So working on the podcast isn’t good for money, but it’s great as a portfolio piece. And I love the team and the work. So I’ll for sure continue to work on that. But I won’t lie that my hopes were shattered with the incinuation that Beats by Dre would fund our show.

My favorite nugget from Tom (he’s my producer mentor) was his advice to compile a list of 25 companies that I care about, and think I can help out. I’m going to focus on that

I’m going to send Ben and Noa a little thankyou plank, as well as Charles. I’m going to formerly ask Ben to be my mentor or employment, whatever way I could help him out. The other item I’m prepping towards meeting Stephan Crawford. Tom’s known him for 20 years, and he’ll be on a future innovators show. This is Stephan’s baby, something I’m very into.






going to go mediate in the sauna. and stay sober <3 and fuck sobriety I will get drunk off Jimmothy leary and my dreams

Business cards

Ferry Scoot Train

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