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From Niko:

This weekend sparks the beginning of a summer concert series in Fern Gully, the magical forest venue at 3960.

A forest show on private property with a stage, freshwater spring, fire pit, and meadows, this is the ideal venue for a beautiful evening under the stars with artists and friends.

We are looking for artists, performers, and supply contributions, specifically: flow toys, musicians, visual artists, poets, lighting, decorations, food vendors. Come strut your stuff, contact Niko, Michael or Erynne.

This is just the opening night, so if you’d like to collaborate on future events, do come.

So far the schedule is:

DownsquareZ Poliwat ArtParty Kushberry Acidsock

LOGISTIX; Please DO NOT google maps our address, it will take you to the WRONG PLACE! Instead, follow these directions: If you’re coming from town (SC): Our home is located off of Empire Grade on the right side, about 7-10 minutes past UCSC campus. You will see a 40mph sign followed by a 35mph sign. Slow down! Time to look for 3960 coming up on the right. We will have some glow sticks or something to indicate you’ve made it. Please park on Empire Grade! There is not enough room in our driveway for everyone, so please actually park on the Grade this time guys, thanks. You will follow the glow stick path through the magical forest for about 5 or so minutes. You should hear le music. Congrats, you made it! Time to get weird in the forest. If you’re coming from Felton: We’re about 5 minutes after ice cream grade/empire grade intersection on the left.

Love you peeps! ♥


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Fern Gully Forest Show Summer Concert Series Event 1

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