Sunday. We’re still waking up, the bed is in a new position! Last night was kind of life changing, at least it made me focused. I want to be able to live in a place like that, with a charcoaled out tree trunk and statues and huge books in my living room.

I’m real focused on taking my work to the next level.

It’s a lie I’m not focused at all but am driven to be.

There’s so much I want to do today I feel the pressure of it all and want to start, but also it’s Sunday and Sundays are reserved strictly for R and R, which usually means playing house with H and hanging. Andres came back with us last night and we just all had a nice bagel session at the table.

I keep thinking about the tree in his parent’s fancy apartment, and the statues. I placed my hand on the trunk, it was painted black, and I felt this warm sensation coarsing from my heart to the tree, and back. It felt like electricity, but more warm and less sparky. It was an amazing sensation - and I thought I want this. If I fill my place with objects, tactile friendly objects, I won’t need any drugs. And that’s the secret. I tried to get addicted to the idea, and started recording the night, just because I want to memorize and reinforce that mindset revelation the apartment gave me. Popping it in Ableton now.

website @ poliw.at by december will look more like

7 video backgrounds

with click in then it’s sort of like netflix where you can watch all the videos

or it should just be on the actual YT channels



talked to bonnie at criags he invited my whole hosue over for dinner but everyone was too hungover and pizza was already on the way.

I wanna write a comedy for pero troupe and

one thing for sure, brain has red eyes during the scene and then later on they’re like wait are you high and its in a place you really shouldn’t be high

Wow where did my brain go I dabbed my thoughts all away

the only thing left to do is to jot brainless chicken thoughts until the dust comes out of my head

I cant get over how nice that apartment was it was the nicest one in the world

where am I


who am I

michael betts

what do I want

to start or join a movement

what movements should I join

internet rights

Fancy Dinner Party Central

2020-10-04 12:29:37 -0400 EDT

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