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did dishes, put a mouse in the garbage that fell to a trap under Gina’s bed, did dished, made everyone burritos, did dishes, and now on the stoop. Everything’s coming up roses! My brain has kind of left me because there’s a therapy talk going down now, Gina got cosmically disturbed from the mouse situation. I laid traps in nearly every room, will make sure to check them tomorrow. Extra extra, we have mice in paradise!

Finished PBA #1 officially, and it got past becca and helen’s critiques. It’s not the best but I’m going to start on making the next one. Then the next one. When I have a solid 30 of them done and scheduled out I’m going to start talking about upgrading the studio setup. Not going to lie I’m talking about it now. But damn it would be nice t have more ram and video ram for this work - this macbook can’t keep up lately.

Everythings Coming Up Roses

2020-05-17 13:20:05 -0400 EDT

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