…wittiest man calls to the end of wit at wits end.

witty white man,

post wit

its not

the time for wit its not the time for truth its imploding my insides my kidneys scream from the genocide my apple cider vinegar habits are dying

Im so fucking livid I’ve worked so hard for so long and have virtually nothing nothing to show for it except skills and {{ this }}

so fuck my wit FUCK MY WIT ! I QUIT ! I QUIT WIT shit … what I mean to say is that

all my music on spotify in t minus 3 days

and I promise not to waste this night working and I fucking hate everything I hate my mom my girlfriend myself and my actions and I hate everything more than I hate me so it’s not the night for pursuing truth in ways that get me high it’s the night for pursuing truth that makes me livid that makes me more alive

cause you can’t actually live

until BLAH all states are leverage tonight it’s anger riding surf on a tidal wave of and I’m not scared of resignation never could hurt my imagination

cause working as a slave full time doesn’t give my art amputation what happened?

oh yeah I’m in this state

and I don’t not envy it

when you qualify for most vocations high chance fighting off addiction

cableTVs full of well fed eat out fool tools whom don’t know what psyops is

and the funniest part of it all

is if I were to write out my dreams

no one locally remotely sees

I’m on the road to being a pilot

and you have to master the ground

before you can fly well

to be a good pilot you gotta master ground

that’s why I’m making all this

for nothing

that’s why one of my dad’s favorite phrases

was that’s an exercise in futility

and what am I

when I’m to livid to apply

too broke too think

too stressed to believe

in anything that isn’t me my beliefs

cause I know what the world needs

but a lesson from lady gaga

suck the pop chode for 2-3 years

and (4-5 invisible years before that)

then blossom to the point

assholes call it the goal of fuck you money

I call it nothing

and with all hope in my intention show through action

that it’s all who can

instead of seeing artificial goals

a nice car ? a nice house ?

it’s only nice if it’s all nice,

it’s only right if it ain’t always nice

=-=-= that’s right


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“sari not sari”

End of Wit

2020-01-06 18:25:03 -0800 -0800

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