Saturday 848 AM

I’ll admit that going back home is helping, although I’ve been messing up on the sobriety game.

And it is just a game, cause I know I’ll be okay at the end of the day (aka if I affirm that consistently then my chances increase.)

Today is all about remembering things I like. I need to like something more than freestyling!

Like Game theory, you can apply freestyling to everything. And once you see that connection, it’s kinda a shame not to entertain those thoughts.

But long game. Today is the day I’ll reach out to all the people hitting me up.

I woke up at about 630 AM. I like that habit of going through tape directly in the morning. It really tonesets the day to be around something I love. I made an electronic track I hate, and bounced a bunch of one shots with Darlene.

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satDat 1027 AM

what happened to michael betts



VJ the book of revelations and VJ the modern war equivalent


Satdat 709 PM

its raining in tokyo

I could never handle movies with commercials

Early Rise With Kevita Ginger

2018-09-08 08:48:31 -0700 -0700

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