Thursday 929 AM

Researching grad programs in Berlin.

Going to start an excel sheet of schools to apply to. (This one looks cool)

Today I need to be harder on myself. I will make my fantasy resume, with things that aren’t true yet. Then with the deadline of january 2nd, make them true.

Also lines for KZSU demo reel

Welcome to sound art!

I'm Michael and Jack

That was The Time of the Singing of The Birds by Marv and Merla

Off the Album, Sounds of Fresh Waters.


1031 am


john hassel prokavi

Max Graef ft. Wayne Snow

##Fantasy resume

The Sims’ Sims - Producer, Actor

She Breaking Glass Ceiling

Latenight radioshow at Stanford (contextualizing art)

book of electronic etudes

center of github


acapella pieces:: I am a spliff

lazer cut custom MIDI controller (open source and buyable via kit)

fluent in spanish

recording of russian folk set with bonnie and paul

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Thurs 823 PM




2 AM

crossing the adaptive valley

Durable Progress

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