Tuesday 150PM

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

last night

ak came to pale blue liv last Saturday ! !!! !!

ak came to the show because I accidentally invited her on fb with mass invite button AND THEN
|||| ||||| ||||| |||| |||| ||||| \||||| \|||||| |||||||
{{ back at the apartment... }}

I hid those shorts that are her brothers

I  think

dungeon got back Im hired mic

part time actor in a dungeon

on the water

lasered all night

for gallery satday

bed after sunrise smoke

and going to reach out to archive people they were all so cool !
but lost all the business cards except BZ all good they're

baited cause melon's gone

and again cause she's gone


and now

after taking a shower with my wetsuit

in my mom's shorts

overheating high and packing

to get some breadboards going ||

all my circuits n wood out

barefeet on coffee table

high life a roller coaster

highs worth the lows

lows come in 50 flavors

I 50 shades of c4

c4 you geo

you dee og

this for the og



this recording for GODS EYES ONLY

I bid you goodnight

when the blue takes me

good singers in the baxck
bad singers up front
im up front x4

youre only as blank as you think you are

even when they disagree you're only as blank

as you thinnk you are

you're only as kind as you think you are

you're only as fat as you think you are

you're only as slow as you think you are

you're articulate, as you think you are you

Dungeon Cleared Archive Out the Window

2019-06-11 13:48:45 -0700 -0700

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