advice from mom:
You’re drowning out it out with too many things

I thought the songs you wrote a long time ago were good enough

just concentrate on 20 songs, those 20 songs  and just stick with that

go places play places talk to people ||  healthy people healthy connections

healthy things for myself

read some autobiographies they started with little too

mom started with nothing and started with a passion

Didn’t come from a rich family or a family that gave me stuff

when I was working my job

the two balanced each other

really helped me concentrate on my music

but most my life was just you know

‘we could all use advice to get ahead’ - mom


a lot of coffee and work all day and morning and it’s getting hot and I love it in this only tank top that’s becca’s and it’s DANK DOT COM TODAY bursting at the seams with 3 main tasks, all in the life and shape and form of PBA, the hting I’ve been trying to do for the past how many months, and the thing I’ve been really focusing on since the past three days. Just had a long few day stint glued to the guitar in and off the mic, and filmed me in the bath tub yesterday and it’s a run on sentence sort of day —– HAPPY SATDAT!!!!!!!!!!

Drowning It Out With Too Many Things

2020-05-16 13:14:16 -0400 EDT

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