1042 AM

I took a shower had sex ate breakfast got high and now I’m finishing up the pale blue site stuff and polishing off the second episode.

life is but a show

over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

and again !

when he was a kid
he got sucker punched

on me
I don't know where he punch me
sucka punch

how I reacted?
nothing || soft

feel the weight of your body

and now I'd like to invite you
to bend your knees

and just kinda wiggle your knees
back and forth

and then go into bigger wiggles

keeping your feet on the ground if you can

and let these wiggles grow

warm up your spine
and in someway
let these wiggles become over the top
let these wiggles become part
of your body

let your legs straight
and maybe your whole body moves


musicians are everywhere

and not only that everyones a musician



where you find your head  ?

where you lay to rest ?

where you head your stead ?

where your hands

where do you orient your feet

where are your arms

and where’s your charm

and why’s your head all up in a noose

and when’s you going to master something soon

im not talking to myself

talkings not even the right words

Im vibing with the abstract you cant see it

not that Im special

we can all see it and not see it

119 pm

getting good audio work done aside from that bunch more of good good ole P B D


silly valley oh silly valley
what does it do
to my mind n habit
nature walking
gang stalkers are here
but they don't fuck with me yet
I see them  


live radio life

holy shit ads are just part of it all

ads are just the emergent property of everyones brains

we all think something that’s a fact


who am I

starts with who am i not

i am not my voice

sorry revelations are blind


Dont Look at My Clipboard Like Its Getting on the Bus

2019-04-25 10:41:02 -0700 -0700

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