Saturday 838 PM

Jack and I have our first DJ class at noon today!

Dled’ the Sims 4 and made the exactly same living situation I’m in - me Jack and his mom :D

Us three are about to hit farmers market here in San Mateo cause I’m luckier than a lep

Going to help Craig move right after DJ class from 12-4 if he still needs me.

Deadlines! We have auditions this thursday in a room we rented in SF

None of my shit is selling and I need work / client

Haven’t been writing much because it’s an audio journal bitch!!

Week 1 Friday Release

Have a couple ideas for what will go out next Friday, but haven’t fully decided yet.

Rewrote a poem right before bed that I’d like to set to my piano.

my balls hurt

tomorrow the pool opens up again at the Y so I’ll be saved

DJ Class At Stanford

2017-10-14 08:38:33 -0700 -0700

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