Had a nice talk with mom on the phone, just ate beans, egg, and bread Helen and Becca made.

Exporting the last Mitch mix, have 40 tracks uploaded through distrokid as of last night, going to go up to maybe upwards of 100 and then will focus on making new stuff. Releasing music is it’s own job!

Woke up and read all of this (full of mistakes, terrible photos, poorly written) yet wonderful literature nonetheless.


And more importantly, found this book on Russian Proverbs, and I wrote 1 for each of us here to read over breakfast. (We’re going through a little religious studies phase), part of our spiritual journeys.

Russian Proverbs

The belly is ungrateful - it always forgets we already gave it something

If you drink you die; and if you don't drink you die: so it's better to drink

When you live close to the graveyard, you can't weep for everyone

I’m half Russian so here’s my half russian proverb

Bring me a human that isn't a slave [to something]

Divide and Conquering the Peasants So You Don't Have To

2020-02-16 11:25:18 -0500 EST

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