|| I’m disturbed as all hell ||

|| Last night got eaten up from a wires issue || I need to throw away half my gear its driving me crazy ||


||| Wed 903PM

doin mangangs 听取 vizzy, just got out of a colab sesh with Nina real excited to make it ||

Carbonaceous chondrites


ok ok ok ok back to work its fire here right now ||

under the XX || persuasion =? XX == race

neuro cell culture on an integrated circuit

hypothetical house like an open mic done right


I just realized you can go and read someone’s entire feed and that has sort of taken the place of books at least a fraction of it

||| https://twitter.com/ioerror?lang=en ||

you can never tell if an anarachist is fake,

Carbonaceous chondrites Carbonaceous chondrites Carbonaceous chondrites




nice healthy work day spent all day setting up triggers now doing vizzzzzzys for michael and weeeeeeee


2019-05-08 10:03:03 -0700 -0700

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