Sunday 830 PM

Okay what do I have to do tonight:

Finish some laser designs

make some music with avery

Sundat 10 48 AM

bros ruined rogan for me

Monday 120 AM

get ebeafidshkjnaweuijofdklncxziohuajklefnsdcihjfkadsnm
patty whack


read write make a beat post to poliwat laser cut something draw eat veggies add to song binder add to poliwat live set

I'm going to play songs now
I'm going to stop playing songs now

vidyo —-

start with meditation sweat to the pinecone into a deep meditation, and it teleports me into the first chamber of the 36 chambers of reality, chamber 0 - sets the premise (36 chambers, a tour of the human condition through schizop)

  • trapt in the womb

Two settings: Earth and Vaults

( In vest I am a spliff in woods at night by the campfire ) I am a spliff

(Earth) Setting: Sandbox: — #nomoney, #nophone, #26, (Vault) Chamber 0 { white room } Music: Shes Sitting Pretty But New Fad That JS Framework (Pale Blue Beatz)

- FadeTo: Ocean Waves, beach amb

(Earth) Setting: West Cliff Beach Ocean Cliff Jump

(Vault) Chamber 1 { trapt in the womb }

(Earth) Tree, pinecone (Vault) Chamber 0

tree to Field to beach beach to pier pier to city city to bars coffee and arts art to school school to old old to graveyard

(Earth) piano meditation, (Vault) Chamber 1

(Earth) piano meditation, (Vault) Chamber 2

(Earth) beach cliff (Vault) Chamber 3 Chamber Title: Trapt in the Womb

just swimming out across the lake instead of cliff jump ?

(Vault) Chamber 4

Chamber Title: All of us

Chamber Title: You know

a game and futility of it

grasshopper to world my stage!!!!!

fam you tell me Im too much to come back leter

Im bugged out so I bug out

I only hunt for good audio

Im the king of good audio


the 7 parks in santa cruz ( ambiant recordings of the 7 major parks in santa cruz county, CA ), mixed in with 100% local music


20 - 30 sample packs

T-mobile is only 9 years old
fuck T-mobile

Monday 614 PM

Organize Organize. Organize.

Today is all about organizing.

Monday 730 PM

wow Im brain dead

I need to sweat now

so whats the real issue

I lost the camera battery charger
I left it charging somewhere

maybe next door even ! I'll go check

tuesday 1234 AM

life is too lit right now I love it.

102 AM

officially going through an ambiant phase now

what are you making

1000 actions

i pity soldiers of fortune
in silly valley

^ tech workers that just go where the moneys at

Deep Clean And Epic Jams

2018-06-24 20:30:12 -0700 -0700

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