Season 10 of my life Finale.

Otherwise known as:

Bitch doesn’t know
I’m on Season 10 of my life

Death of Gene Michael Betts

with his death
I died
I died even more
than some media take over
if you don't have it you never did
like thank God I worked enough to travel now
I'm free
I felt free working for old hippies

and chad sang a song my dad handwrote on a piece of paper glued to a piece of cardboard
in the mess of the workbench in now mom's garage
and my dad was running from town to town
and lost all his money gambling
and my dad said you know what
in so many words
if I die in this next town
at least I'd be free

and you know what
I'm on the train for the final time in my life
where I will never live in nipomo again
unless my mom gets on hospice some day
because I told her
I was summoned I worked hard
I was there for dad every night
I fucked up sometimes
I told her sorry I'm a monster
I told her sorry I'm broke
I told her sorry
in Sweden In Norway it's absurd to pay rent to your parents
I told her we're the richest nation in the country
and the majority of us are in poverty
renting to survive
I told her it's not right
I told her I wrote a lot about why
I told her there's better alternatives
and I told her so many times I'm sorry I was harsh
I'm harsh with my words!
I can be better!
I can be worse!
but what am I doing right now
asde from writing as therapy
haven't written properly
in a few days
have a new mentor
he's a retired contractor
and he's going to teach me how to build a house
so I can build my own
and through writing that's a for sure way
to step away from my emotions
cause emotions are just running
cause half of you
are made up of bacteria that don't give a shit about you
that want to eat you
if you have half a brain
aliens put that bacteria there
to process you
to get something from you
if you're halfway there
then there is no you
with no body
and if you're in such commonplace company
cause the modern youth is running around
casually stating their

it's funny I don't have to write about my relationship issues
let's give credit to a reason
and it's probably that this old Chinese Zodiac book my mom read
It's hilarious that she well

so I'm going to do everything in my power
to get my dreams online
to never move back home
I'd rather go homeless again than move back home
not like I could but watch two months go by I could
and I never ever will
I write it now and here
to ensure I never will
this isn't a promise
it's a declaration
cause there's no possibility
of me reading this
and moving back home
don't move back home
don't move back home !
you are you
you can quote you mom now
you need to go do your life
and you need to go back home
is it bad
is it good
the train is stopped in the middle of no where

it's so cute you think
edward snowden is still alive
it's so cute to think
assange is still alive
it's just dumb to think
hillary is alive
that's my poem
I hope you survive
and always remember
all the power in the world
always hides
can always be found in the people
and it's in the power of people
that is our best chance to thrive  

really wish I was able to read

Death of Gene Michael Betts

2020-01-17 15:58:34 -0800 -0800

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