..and no bad days ==

1750 h got me a beer and we’re supposed to freewrite to warm the engines up but I’m really just gunning for helping her and then doing god knows what on the website, just the savage new hip hop mantra, results and go go go and things that don’t take so long and such == and I got to thinking about this old man here and everyone at the kreautburg we’re sitting in and helen’s looking at my screen and I’m just fucking stoked it’s christmas on fucking november sunday 552 pm

and I was wonering if I could smoke with you == and I wanted to this old guy is really hitting it hard on the ink ink blots and I want to read them all and he’s rolling a spliff now in the cafe and he’s a dinosaur and doesn’t know I’m next of kin follow same kin and keep all spliffs on a sharing basis only and I know so does he without knowing anything about the man but he has two stones in the corner holding down on each page and I’d prefer to think that he’s one of the woke homeless people, one of the ones of the ones that will eat me and I them. and that’s how it’s worked and facebook ate the pigs and now the pigs are complaining in the lingo the wolves laid out for them 5 years in advance, but it’s 2k19 that cyclical dance went from 100 years to 1 at a time all in all and he got up and I want to go get a puff off him and he was around before aids so should I share a smoke with him? I won’t cause I quit smoking and there’s two basic bitches on photoshop and I love being an older man boy cause I’ve been told I got a good heart and what more do you need when you’re born and raised in the 6th largest economy in the world, 6 — 6- - -666-

where he has a stronghold in all full force, quant small town that hates pedestians cause pedrestrians are healthy peds walk peds talk and peds here live within interest range of the russians during the cold war on account of the nukes on the coast underground here at vandenburg .

and I before hitting the ocean this november morning I was overcome with sentiment - so I walked and waded instead of swam and dove for an hour

and what came out was A ) wonderful time B ) loving who I am where I cam from my family my friends my life C ) new poliwat vidya technique TBA(to be actioned) and D ) new knowing of what god, reality, life itself is to me in a nutshell

pretty soon it’ll be 2020 - that means ted talks were considered long for the young.

18 minutes is the new hour lecture inaurgual address

nothing lasts 12 minutes without a commercial break factored into the script

then there was nothing that went before the land before time after a spliff

so 18 minute ted talk, basic in my day is now the new Stanford full lecture,

and 5 minute lightning talks with proper meme campaigns are the new new for ingesting infotrashmation and I’m not going to die a cynic cause I just logged it here, first and again and I gotta piss. so no more bad days here

cause at the apple store the nice mom helping me said something typical I grew up hearing

”‘” we normally aren’t supposed to do this but I spoke with my manager and we’ll make an exception for you “’

=-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= c 1 after dads death: act as if everythings a camera relaxed =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-= =-=

you dont

you dont settle down

you dont write your memoir

after its all said and done

you write logs

memories are most loving most stable
most accurate most christian
when they've just occurred

and you can't write your life away

that leads you in a ditch
with a plaque

so that's why I record

realness expressed not questioned

he: all rappers are fake by virtue of them being rappers

she: you've heard of

if yo open source the world of literature then you can google every book written and find and pinpoint the vast ocean of copy cats.

you only need 10 books per life to save a life, and to stop counting.

and ink died after pixels and pixels went down before the great vibration

the great vibration was when all the rebels went rogue on that farm and the farm was so wonderful

and it expanded to be every major agricultural place in the states and

all of you stopped and looked up at google

and said goliath

I see a sticker on the back of a mom suv
and it read no bad boys
or bad boys only  

and that instantly sparked a story to me

and the sticker actually read

no bad days

that's what being creative is
it's being wrong

being creative is
being wrong  

when lost make road signs
when found fake death times


she stuck a pile of chips
day one on this keyboard

when does the work stopping

whose goose rings watching

Death of Banned Words

2019-11-24 17:26:02 -0800 -0800

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