Friday 1:21 PM


It’s been a slow start, but well done.

Listening to the Modern Architect, a show I may help produce at KZSU. I’ll see their process on Thursday and see what’s up.

God saved me because someone off of letgo bought my loaded longboard deck. When I’m rich I’ll get one again.

Last night auditions went well - but I am getting off topic lately. Last night I went all out into a Davinci resolve editing tutorial, because Rob recommended I try to forget about premiere and final cut. It’s super fun but I really need to focus. These are the three things I need to work towards

  1. Poliwat
  2. TSS
  3. Omari

Omari is the bread winner

Had a job interview for being a tutor yesterday and it seemed to go well. I wasn’t a complete weirdo.

So Deadlines and Dailies for these three things



suit is working and ready to travel with starting january 1st

schedle celia and her church choir for poliwat album stuff


get set together, 8 loop track versions


220 pm

in songwriting everything stops

working on world my stage though I feel more a prop


using noteflight to write out a choir line to this:


Friday 528 PM

Listening to drunk shaman has never been more fitting.

Waiting for caltrain.

While scooting the other day, I was cracking up to some old tape. There is a lot of tape that won’t ever make it on here, because it would come at the expense of relationships. People trust me with sensitive tape because they (hopefully) know that I wouldn’t share anything they wouldn’t want shared about themselves. This is some of my favorite tape.


I will never get use to the deadliness of public transit

Friday 905 PM

At noisebridge with Stefan

working on poliwat stuff

Active Low is a common thing in electronics where all the buttons are set ON and when a button is pressed it shorts the ground and becomes disconnected.

-===–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=sat 2:19 AM -=-=-==–=-=

it is the knowledge that I’m going to die that creates the focus that I bring to being alive the urgency of accomplishment the need to express love now not later if we live forever why even get out of bed in the morning because you always have tomorrow

I fear living a life where I could’ve accomplished something I didn’t

be ashamed to die until you have scored some victory for humanity

needed to live


Deadlines And God Helped

2017-10-20 13:20:52 -0700 -0700

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