Thursday 2:17PM: Getting a very slow start to working, spent the morning needing to be quiet because Gina was using my h5 doing ADR with someone in her film.

Coolest shit right now is bluefluke’s psychonaut guide on deviant art. Love it so much. Trying to get a switch for the flight to Cali on Monday. So it means I have what 4 days of a media cart marathon before I leave :D .

Going to do tomato timer lists I think, and right now come up with FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS

was brb Loading the footage from last night on becca’s glyph off her laptop. There’s so much to make I may as well spend 25 minutes on a pre production list then churn out a lot not stalling too long on any one thing. Just get as close as I want it in a reasonable amount of time and then iterate over later.

DaVinci on Windows for title screens and 1-4second golden cuts

VDMX for live mixing two chanel videos with third video down the center

  • Remake the original poliw.at 3 tone visual with original footage instead of stills (a family friendly less trippy one?)

Step 1

Travelling will be a big

The longterm (2month or so) goal is to run a 24 7 livestream of the poliw.at loves you multiverse, where it’s always running and then scheduled out I over take the channel and do a live on top of the live stream thing…..

So the first step is to make 24 hour long videos (or broken up into )


was watching footage with everyone, very fun

25 minute pre production plan LOL GO


we’re only allowed to speak in phrases

B why?

dont know


how to make 24 hours of the coolest show ever the fastest recipe plan list whatever guide:


25 min MAX!


The very something of everything

when you’re distracted use the 3 crew on deck parts of you your brain(s) your will

B your brain is not you

something very special

when I’m focusing with all threee when you don’t delete it’s all important for getting better tracjectories cause you shoot off you only get your aim change your aim shoot lighning or thunder closer the better

step 0.

  • make generic assets folder (savage best of the best of my foot)

step 1.

  • make folder called assets
  • make note sheet .txt


step 2.

  • hand pick all video and audio into new assets

step 3.

  • find and look at reference material

step 4.

  • dont give a fuck about reference material

step 5.

  • from generic assets folder
  • import title from title template in Da Vinci

step 6.

  • make anything no rules
  • aim for what I’d like to experience when I click on that title and see that duration

step 7.

  • bounce with digit in front and make 1000 for practice, take and use the best ones for the 247 live stream show. But first make a bunch in this pattern workflow wise.

  • always make moves towards the best bounces falling in Hop Skip Jump Drop L Cooz Friend

=-=-=–==–==-=-=-= Script

Record Audio in Ableton Export and pu tin new project to a song export and throw in Assets folder for that project Import it <!–

Dailies Questions Answers
Read() What did you read? X
Write() What did you write? X
Create() What did you make? X
Exercise() Dance workout (or otherwise?) X
Audio() You recorded what: X
Video() You filmed what: X
Finish() You bounced what track: X
Live() You sang what live: X
Finish2() You made what visuals X
Phone() You called who: X
Share() Uploaded what to archive: X
PBD() You did what for PBD? X
Web() You did what to POLIW.AT? X
Love&Legacy() You did what for friends/fam? X
God() You’re grateful for what? X



Deadline Met Day Off for Vizzy Phase

2020-08-13 14:17:29 -0400 EDT

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