Monday 1006 AM

post to IG, FB, Snapchat 1000 Confucious Canoes Sims Sims progress Poliwat progress Clean something Drop a secret note Youtube edu

Clean Bathroom Clear garage Sell something on Let Go

echo boy vst - redbone

Monday 253 PM

Jack lied about the room being ready for me. It was full of stuff, we worked on moving a lot of it out into the garage but the garage is full of stuff so it’s going to take a couple days to fully move in.

Scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned 1 of the two room garage, hit my room, dishes, put screens in the kitchen windows… got a lot done, now I can workout and work with the new teensy board that came in!

Very excited.

Today is possible because of my most comfortable underwear.

555 PM

500 confucious canoes left then I’m done with my list for the day. Fixing up my sites and looking at producing jobs to apply to. There’s a few local studios I’m cold emailing too.


733 pm

the misunderstood angel

Monday 932 PM


Monday 1102 PM

The 6 pack is coming in but the pit in my stomach weighs heavy.

Day One Tss Im Gonna Kil It

2017-10-02 10:05:44 -0700 -0700

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