Monday 353 PM

Day 2 of one meal a day. Trying to get to the station, have to wait for the dryer guy here at Katie’s place. Haven’t been high in 2 days! Looking for options, Chad is buying my car, so I will be able to move. The place in SC is great, but it’s getting tough to find some good work. A Berlin plane ticket is 375, round trip. That’s tempting for sure. But I need to stick around the bay area for the stanford show. First one is tonight. Hope it goes well. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll be able to edit a better version of the episode the next day.

monday 528 PM help

Monday 848 PM

Alright I admit it

I’m lost right Now

sober for two days

and at the station all by myself

It’s time to pomodoro_life!!

853 PM


Monday 928 PM

Who am I kidding?


15. What is the purpose of your project? (no more than 200 words)

The Overview Effect ( ) has been documented as having a profound force on Astronauts for the rest of their lives when they return to Earth. I’d like to spread a piece of that effect to everyone.

This project aims to put up as many 24 hour live streams of the International Space Station, using secondhand computers / monitors.

This project provides two things: 1) A free guide on how to turn your secondhand computers/ monitors into a 247 dedicated live stream of the International Space Station looking down on Earth.

2) A way to purchase a kit so you can buy and set one up yourself, with a Raspberry pi with software pre-installed to get you running quickly.

Our Mission is to get as many monitors showing the image of the Space station looking down on Earth where human life is, from popular business streets to remote gas stations.

I have web development and digital media skills. I just need a mentor and support!

  1. What positive influence will your project have? (in no more than 200 words)

People who are exposed to a live video feed of the Earth may experience a cognitive shift in awareness for where they are; how frail their home is, and how fragile their lives are. They might shift into a more human centric mindset; deciding that gender, ethnicity, culture, and personality differences are more of an attribute.




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My audio journal

is dying

because I’m ding


Finish Dev Website - Upload first episode Bandcamp + soundcloud + any other sound platform Submit to iTunes / Spotify Add aglowgeo STOP POLIWAT

Setup Bots (IG + Twitter)


Setup Schedule

Buy domain

Start online store Sell Earths Sell Earth midi controllers

Start email campaign

Setup new Snaps

Hmm I can’t concentrate. I need to do one task at a time. Fuck tech man.

So I’m doing the opposite of this

Day Ofand Day 2 Of One Meal A Day

2018-01-22 15:52:54 -0800 -0800

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