Wed 837 PM

wanted to wake up earlier ! damn it I took a sleep aide too, going to start putting the alarm across the room.

911 happened and Im still pissed

what are quarks made of

don't say that
the reason you dont work is cause you gotta work

time slows n  ear the pyramids

okay google
tallest rappers are short
The Rusty Trombone report
things i dont know make me nervous
drop anon letters
thats why I never nerovous
suspend suffering a secret service
i mean im not usually nervous
but when I am I
feel like service
grattitude has struck
me cause barely out the gate
and already fed up with hate
over simplifying everything to date
-500 points if you keeping with kardashian

bar is low
bar is lit
rappers rap what fbi incepted in they minds
war drugs bitches and gold mines
48 laws of power
make em fight each other
don't you get it
no fighting in hiphop
dumb fucking monkeys

lo siento vibes police   
Im tired of these ads
I ate
I ate
I ate I ate I fed
I fed up with beatz
fed up with me
half of the time I sing off key
curtain call for the curtain fall
girls go wild when the curtain up
men wanna revolutionize take the curtain down

curtain call for the curtain fall
govt gave up
media out for cigs
I smoke for memories
with friends before they zombies
working souless soul eat Im fed
Im fed up with beef
fed up with beats
half the time I sing off key

curtain call for the curtain fall
it a party when the curtain fall

don’t you know tho
girls go wild when the curtain up
men wanna revolutionize take the curtain down
I wanna shower with you with some anime now

i fall
I fall fast asleep
when I get good pussy
in between be mean
damn I

where am I
who am I
whatup whatup whatup
best man in the room I took all the ketchup
mamas look me in the eye say getup
im getting at that i feel confident with my getup
a headband on acid a daily occurance
i can outhink you

Im running out    
Im drawing blanks
ace of spades in a space of aides
place mats with leggos n circuits my therapy today
blast off
too many words
jack off
release that tension
fuck you future mike
stop writing bad lyrics
this your new sayance
stop writing bad lyrics
this your new sayance
whats a sayance you said you fed with bullitein boards and controlled emails
I dont give a fuck if you are stuck in your feelings
instead of hausting them and yourself up
you got the world on the pedastal i worried bout your mental i going going in circles could you even tell though?

though tho no
thor alladin in the picture no
Great start to a wrong situation
Im horny though

this a 3k essay on what it means to me

all the things i cant share
all the i cant
all the i share
all i share

most of the people who insert stupid
most people who insert
most insert
most stupid

the key is in the tailpipe
my buddy told me at night
you still awake?
I just spit on late night fm
played some tape of my fam
how you doing dam?
I miss the ways we used to dance
skate vidya meet people face to face
face to face
now it’s all
pixels over people
people over sheeple
walking zomies in a post republican apocalypse want me
to spread you your patience your legs too thin
iWin hate but love it
this apple game
you caught up counting your losses over taylor made
I got more love than you ever played
you gotta fake it if you wanna make it in this game
I gotta stop rapping if I wanna make it better dame

its the big n small
the big little things
that get me
I got
I gota a big dick
I gota a small dick
I gotta big small dick
call your bitch
call my dick
call your dick bitch dick my bitch
call your dick bitch dick my bitch
call your dick bitch dick my bitch
that’s all they rap
you thought I seirous you delirious on the pager now
I got two phone cause I need to tether now
shoot out 50 chat messages in under a minute
you couldn’t this communication
I making like comunnion  
I am religious
I wrote my own religion
you levelheadered  leverage superstiious

Im the next stop
I cannot stop
Im michael flops
i gotta stop

I  only ryhme in flops half of the time
new times
new york times
went with my ex gf for the first time downtown manhatten
am I right
am I right
am I arriving too late
am I right

wedsnesdat 1030 AM

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok no more maschine, made a new one this morning

– found object - lego dude take him everywhere to ratchet ass places –

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