Monday 1155 PM

Spent the morning finishing Joey’s site, then working on the innovators podcast. Both are basically done, and I need to more my body. I’m starting to freak out. Going to go swim 1 mile and workout in the sauna.

I wish I could find my lucy

333 PM

Worked out real hard at the Y.

Someone stole my goggles in the locker room while I was in the sauna warmup before swimming. I got pissed and worked out up in the gym upstairs. I hit the punching bag until my hands bleed, then did a workout circuit inside. then I went and hit the bag more for the climax. The pain felt good. I have -36 in my bank account and rent is due now. I accidentally got put on automatic payments with my credit card so they charged 450 to my account. I am about to go to the bank.

I’m at wit’s end, this stress is too much. Tom has the meeting with Beats by dre on Wednesday so I’ll find out if they’ll sponsor our show. About to send out the site so far to Tom and Avery. I’m considering calling and telling Tom about my situation. This financial stress is out of control. But the one thing I have control over is my body. I am eating healthy and am working my body down to the bone. My body is the one thing I’ll always have control of. The fantasies of putting a pistol to my head have been getting worse. The train station is right there.

James released a new tune

Also no one gives a fuck unless you make it.

518 pm

paid rent thank god

baby steps! My dailies have been faltering because they take about 3 hours a day to complete. I’m going to condense it down to an hour, and everything after that is extra credit. Each task will go down to 8 minutes.

About to leave for caltrain for the table reading of the sims sims. Going to be a blast!

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Dailies And Full Cast Table Reading

2017-11-06 11:54:33 -0800 -0800

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