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MD == music director;

I’m applying to be one right after work on the farm today.

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Hi, I’m michael betts!

I just wanted to send a quick video along with my resume and portfolio so that you could get a better idea of who I am and whether I’m a good fit or not.

I’m a super senior at UCSC, for a major in Psych and I’m an electronic music minor program. I’ve taken about 5 years of music classes in total.

I love working with kids! I just signed up to be a naturalist during my birthday week in norcal! I’ll spend the week at a catholic youth camp, taking kids on hikes and leading them in games and activities.

I have a weekly radio show at Stanford just over the hill, and record two other podcasts there.

I have written a lot of music, and I write new material everyday.

I was a tenor in a choir in community college. I took two years of formal music theory, from early gregorian chants to 20th century atonal pieces of schoenrberg and other avant garde things like iannis xenakis

I have over a terbayte of my own personal recordings, collected in the studio or in the field.

I love working with kids, and I’d really love to hear what they’re listening to and excited about, and do that.

As far as time commitment, startong April 1st, I’ll only have 1 class left to take at UCSC.

If you think I’d be a good fit, let me know!

and have a great one.



Nice to meet you, I’m Michael Betts! Austin told me about him moving, so maybe I’ll be able to fill his shoes…

Attached is my resume, please feel free to reach out to my references.

I look forward to meeting ya’ll!

Thanks, Michael Betts 415 - 975 - 1148

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