Sunday 807 PM What’s your KPI index?

Katy Perry Index.

You take Katy Perry’s followers index and then divide it by your your followers..

So my KPI is 0.000000560747664

If she has 107,739,348 followers, you

Leaving the De Paulos, heading to my parent’s house. It’s been about three weeks without any alcohol. It’s not much different, except for the fact that I eat more.

Talking about other subjects other than yourself is the way to go.

So I read somewhere someone said something about how you spend your first 20 years of your life worrying what other people think. You spend the next 20 years thinking you don’t care what they think. Then you spend the next 20 years knowing that they aren’t thinking about you.

I feel pretty strange this christmas eve. During the laced eggnog toast my dad remarked that although this is the brokest Christmas yet - that it is definitely the happiest. Filled with more love than you could possibly imagine.

Christmas Eve And Whats Your Kpi

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