Saturday 1036 AM

Charging bats today is going to be a big

Asideasd Asideasd

on hella drugs building a rehabd center

today is all abot mappign

Sat 12:05 PM

I live in atom
what we cannot fathom
I feel when I flow
when I hoop how hop  
jump skip friend
drop L then cooz friend

at chapel with chicken
question what I do to it

slow wifi my kryponite

Saturday 902 PM

Michael is back in it. I’m here. I no longer have a diminished sense of self


back to tyring to get hunter over, I

ujjj am aware that I’m being watched so this isn’t good. but it is merely practive for when its not bad

but whats not bad when we have we have

llololololololololololololololololololo ol

getting lost in it

the sauce right now

its time to just shutup and write write as if your running in your mind on your writing in

full send

what am I

incapable of

this is after so many things

so many steps

i swung from twisty today

gave twisty a ride

in the air

there’s something real nice about flying through the air off a treee.

you could really surf it


where is the prfound

this is projector mike

what I type

when I’m stuck as projector mike

open the door mike

shut the door mike

who am i mike

who am i mike

who am i mike

who am i mike

who am i mike

so nice so jucy


damn hunter is out

sat 10 12 pm

uh oh

que the actions on a screen

what is life but a series of actions


sat 1043 pm

Rebecca is coming over


I am michael Betts I am poliwat

make video of jsut me sampling with the vest and the h5 the pincecone

make a video banging on it with the different drumsticks the percussion kit

Sunday 757 PM

why is it too easy to identify why we don’t work

I miss Asha still


and what is it like knowing I love my ideas more than you

Jordan Peteron’s 12 rules for life is in my posession.

to submit is a choice, so both parties may go another round another day

10 commandments

Audio first

next lesson is in the action


Chapel Sessions 6 Sacrificing A Chicken And I Love Lucy

2018-05-26 10:36:35 -0700 -0700

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