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yeah I suck lately at this cause there’s a typewriter in the studio.

In terms of relevance and time of release this movie was way ahead of its time, considering there is now global awakening, and the human consciousness is expanding faster than before. What was once dismissed as science fiction is now discussed amongst quantum physicists as a plausible theory.  And we could possibly live within a matrix. (It should be noted that matrix does not necessarily mean a simulation)it's can be interpreted as being trapped in low vibration consciousness, I hold the theory that although we come from a creator we do in fact have godlike abilities (not to be confused with the messiah complex lol) but in terms of creation and manifestation. That we are are the creators of our own reality and upon reaching a much higher vibration/consciousness we are the ones that hold the true power and not the powers that be. Why do you think genocide has become the crux in our society?. They need to keep conjuring it up, to separate us. War and religion exists for that very purpose.If we stopped hating eachother and understood that we are not enemies we'd realize how powerful we truly are,not only as an individual consciousness but in  terms of a universal consciousness. The "one" does not exist. Oneness exists. If your looking for the one. We are it.

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