Monday 652 PM

Chad’s mom died peacefully in her sleep sometime inbetween 7 and 11 AM.

I was sanding this wooden island found by a dumpster while on a walk with my mom this morning, when we saw the fire engine in his front yard and checked it out. There was a cop a healthcare lady and fire guys.

I was the first to call chad, he’s in oceanside for a religious holiday. He’s driving back tomorrow morning.

I’m going to be jack’s this for his film

=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=

mondat 1001 PM

stop complaining bout quora


writing class

news show - more people
### kzsu central
relatively round table

beginning - announce emotional well being of the week

this is our question about emotional well being
people would text

they would read the texts


  • jon
  • darlene
  • ben
  • holden
  • julien
  • michael {me}
  • goggles optional people


  • really immersive stuff
  • housing
  • public transportation
  • one about kzsu itself and DJs in the past


For me to do each week
- thoughtful reflective upbeat style
- 20 min of sound beds
- transition bumps (15 seconds - 3 minutes )

8 separate upbeat tracks

back to back

sick !

pet your cat =-=-=-=- type beat


Chads Mom Died

2018-09-24 18:52:25 -0700 -0700

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