Saturday 1227 PM

A solid morning.

Caputed by the buddhists, I asked if it was church and Tracy laughed and told me it’s more of a meeting.

Soka Gakkai Interational (SGI)

Nam myoho renge kyo contains the very essense of the Buddha’s lifetime of teachings. B chanting Nam myoho renge kyo and inspiring hope in others, we manifest the unlimited potential of our lives and become the starting point for a peaceful society.)

=-=-=-==-=–==–==-=–= =-=-=-==-=–==–==-=–= =-=-=-==-=–==–==-=–= =-=-=-==-=–==–==-=–= =-=-=-==-=–==–==-=–=

most people are Comfort first, then solution

I’m all solution first

but related I think Buddhists are the shit. They are

=–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-= =–=-=

The cannabis buddhist would be a funny comic character.

how to navigate difficult situations with grace


my first

sacred stone

you arrived at the birth of pale

on the wood cut piece

the most

sacred quest


you got headphones

have my splitter

record showing people my tape giving them context

that’s the actual audio I was looking for.

do this on a train

satu 1107 pm

eally great wonderufl day but if I lost this last phone tape I’m goin to


art party lryics - orchids

I challenge you to grow in the most offensive way

I challenge you! Garden! to not throw stones from your glass house

Garden garden I love you need to grow into the man that I can’t live

don’t throw stones while stoned from your glass house martini full

Plantations plantations

redwood sorrel

my actions not as intended you see I love you

Plant I challenge you to grow in most offenseice way yeah I know jump up on a log catch a frog inbetween yo your legs we make love while we pave the way for better daves

why’d you touch kevin? He was to young for that dave dave daves

I apologize my actions are not as intended I challenge you to grow cause of the courage you demonstrated

don’t take fence don’t get stoned then throw stones from your glass house complain out others while y

in a forever 17 blouse

don’t stoned

don’t throw stones from your glass house complain bout others yo martini full now

You can caputred me in my garden I’m down town fullteron if you coming over now

In my garden every morning I hit the chapel and quit it

Cultivate my garden

Gardenia california lets up and elope


Captured By Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

2018-04-14 12:27:17 -0700 -0700

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