monday 901 PM


to all the people that said I wouldn't amount to anything

I still havent

given up

3 all nighters in a row, going on 4 tonight.

I am v stressed cause I did a solid first episode for my radio show,

and the thing is,

when you do something abnormally good,

you need to do better that next week,

so I won’t sleep much

luckily the sound library provides and I don’t need to stress about getting tape

cause I already have FIRE ASS TAPE

but I am forced to be more efficent

no stoney zone out sessions,

every second counts this month.

kzsu stanford 90.1 fm

I’m your host michael betts

Welcome to pale blue dawt!

for the next hour

all the audio you will hear

comes from my sound library,

its either people I recorded

music I made

or music my friends made

that’s what its all about


Cant Sustain This

2018-01-29 21:01:29 -0800 -0800

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