|| ‘I’ arises, not in the dumb parts that make the sum, but in the complex patterns they organize themselves in ||

Kinda like the ‘i’ doesn’t completely exist until your ‘i’ in every possible universe is in conversation

oh ye whose says I s no I s as anything to do with my body, I reckon.

Her sold soul swells hell high watermelon wheat on tap

 """methinks my my body is but the less of my better being. In fact take my body who will take it I say, it is not me. """" -- Mobidy Dick

||I'm mister methinks look at me||


This morning this morning this morning! I woke up real early, I read GEB for 45 minutes before anyone woke up. It calmed me down. Last night Helen did a psychoanalysis therapy workshop thing on me in the backroads and again at jockos and I nearly broke down, wanted to break down even further and couldn’t, but one day I’ll be able to. The people here are S EX YYYYYYYY Hleen is the seiest I love this coffeeshop great vibes it’s my old new favorite one. I Hit broadway bagel || walked pismo || got analyzed ast night @ jockos’ || gotta get better on personal level at taking criticism lol || helen is going to help record toe blue today but also the paul stamets doc is in SLO only as a matinee at 4:15, a little too early for us but we’ll prolly push for it…. invitd jordan he cant idk where my phone is prolly in my backpack dont wanna pull it out cause I want to have a nice day. And in general just what could I say that’s not blah blah my dad’s dead I think about it all the time and I can’t cry but tried to last night. Looking for a piece of film or sound that serves as my boat for safe passage through the ismuthof my tears, cause I can’t swim through them, my feet are lead and my dick’s in h 24 7 and my mind is on my grief anger and songs and there’s no getting around this daily list that starts today in the new log schema and it will sink or swim, like myself but after the walk on pismo it’s looking on the surf side at high tide. ||

the alternative of alts is me when I’m by myself in a group in a booth going from classy classic diner to diner to diner to list to where is my three month whatever letters that’s what I gotta find


read Godel Escher Bach

wrote this

sang toe blue and world my stage on the nux amp with mic

Can I Read You This to Start Your Day

2019-12-08 11:32:06 -0800 -0800

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