Friday 234 PM

Way too excited right now to be productive. I’m terrified to look at my bank account. But I did just get paid.


There’s so many cool people here, it’s unreal. About to get a ride from Kiev to San Fran, where I’ll probably jump on Caltrain (or hang with gusTedCam for a few hours), where I’ll deep clean.

Now it’s all about, clean moving and applying for 3 places:

I’ll find out soon about the grant funding for the webmaster stuff with Tom, but I’m not banking on it (well I shouldn’t be banking on it)

So this week is all about moving, and making a video resume for onewheel, inboard, and also that Steve guy.

I also gotta apply for camp.


All staff are expected to commit for the duration of the summer. Leadership staff will start on June 11th and end on August 8th, 9th, or 10th. Counselors will start June 17th and end August 8th, 9th, or 10th. Interviews will begin in December and will continue until all positions are filled.



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