Thursday 254 PM

Only have 2 minutes

have job interview soon

@menlo park

got an iced tea @ starbucks

sampled percussion instruments and the steel drum at the post house,

but I’d like to get cleaner recordings and schedule a date soon and hit SC again

Maybe even Saturday unless we’re going to Berkeley and I’m pretty sure we are.

alright gotta go

oh played the minilogue a bunch and started on a new track with it, it’ll be sweet

going to make sparse arrangements for Celia’s voice

-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- Friday 1228 AM

So about to sell something on letgo and also

Davinci crash course
hue == the thing called colors

saturation == the intensity of a hue

luma == the brightnest or shade of the hue

color correction workflow

1. correct exposure

2. fix white balance

3. adjust saturation

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

pic of the 3 sims I made in the image of my living situation.

Left to right: Me, Jack, Jack’s mom Katie

Cameron Reunion Tutoring Interview TSS Auditions

2017-10-19 14:53:27 -0700 -0700

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