The term Caledonian Antisyzygy refers to the "idea of dueling polarities within one entity",[1] thought of as typical for the Scottish psyche and literature. It was first coined by G. Gregory Smith in his 1919 book Scottish Literature: Character and Influence

Wed 307 PM

Back at parent’s house day 2. I slept 11 hours?

Writing a chant for discpline

endure then prevail

POLIW.AT quantify stats

Books chant s esperanto

sample packs


Wed 329 PM

Coplar speaking

like A == B is more accurate for the likes of:

people are animals

animals are people

Alright let’s get this straight

I’m at home. I can’t focus on anything long enought to finish it.

I feel rare at the moment. Worldly desires are diminished. Having to piss and eat are more attributes of existence verus the means of it.

I don’t know why I’m alive. But I’ve seen too much and want to see more.

I mean at the age of 26. From an academic and professional standpoint, I’m a loser. I’ve squandered many relationships, talents, and projects by lack of experience, and focus. But my drive is unshaken.

I know I will be successful, and more importantly I know what successful looks like.

bringing together humanity,

part of the esperanto project

I want to fall asleep to this tonight

Hi I’m michael. my life revolves around making art that alleviates human suffering, in the fastest way possible.

I draw inspiration from science, tech, and philosophy.

Esperanto Simple Phrases.

Pale Blue philosophy {candid}

A candid blue philosophy

I married this idea and you can to


an unlicense marriage

what gets more hits?

life in a text editor.

women of the beat generation

my focus is 0 / 10 .

-=–==–=-==-=-=–==-=-=–==- -=–==–=-==-=-=–==-=-=–==-’

heavy inspiration from amelie

quest 1

Wednesday 357 PM

Jesus christ for fuck’s sake Mike, what’re you doing with your time? Well in one way I’m working

the paleblue site is down somehow. how do I feel so disjointed? this is what happens when I don’t take lucy for a while honestly.

I can’t even decide on what I should do at this point. I woke up, and have half started like 8 things (which are some great ideas) but don’t have the focus to execute them.

Audio online should be the top priority honestly.

that and updating pale blue when it starts working again

chant for discipline

wed 431 PM

you are not special you are special

both are true live with both and master you

quantify mike:

{} - AV journal entries {} - pbd podcast eps {} - videos made {} - map nodes


Okay the final to do list:

Edit Crypto Change news

Finish a poliwat set for Friday

Add map to pbd

Full blown launch store

Add 4-5 projects to PBD overview

Create Mission statement for PBD || hosted by POLIW.AT

Get POLIW.AT Single on Spotify

Send muneerah audio / video links

Reach our reschedule Oliver for PBD mission

Set up IG / social media bot

update michael betts . me (adding fem group dance vidya ++


^ so the above are the things I need to complete. And so I should ignore all else and complete them I suppose

Buzzfeed doesn’t mean you read (and listifying is like george orwell’s 1984)

Don’t quote buzzfeed

you're job as an artist

I'm an artist

I have artist friends

and this is helpful for them and I

plebs and casuals beware

each word is recorded on a different day by a different human

welcome to pale blue dot fm

Wed 547 PM

9 - 5 5 - 9

from snoopkaney to

Quantify Mike Project

My personal vendetta to collect data about self, in order to further improve it.

am I burned or am I burned out

if I can see burned out

I see you

and I see that you're burned out

and others call you a burnout

behind your back, but do you know you are a burnout?

am I a burnout, because I feel burnt out?

friday 1242 PM

why cause I only fuck local bitches?

Caledonian Antisyzygy

2018-06-13 15:06:51 -0700 -0700

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