bring me a theatre
bring me a theatre that hasn't been infiltrated damnit
bring me real people going back to showing the full extent of what being human means
and share, yes show the people the common uncommon


Get all the words on the document get them on the big screen get the songs going get the band going get the road going get the tour going get the life going get it all

schedule a tour and all

||| botify my entire social media

|| bot it up

\ eat it up

make things uncanny

do it all future michael you just woke up you rehearsed all your songs three times yesterday, once on your own twice with becca and you threw out your voice

and get that disgusting porch monkey off your brain because that’s a bottomless rabbit hole to be so concerned with human experiences such as race, love, war, bring me a story without gender, race and love and war, bring me a show without a beginning middle and end bring me a real story, not something pre programmed bring me something spontaneous something real, bring me a theatre!

bring me a theatre bring me a theatre that hasn’t been infiltrated damnit bring me real people going back to showing the full extent of what being human means and show, yes show the people the common uncommon

Madrigal 4th Album Release Release

funny futile actions

just to have your stove outlast you

and show up in some museum

while your mark whispered and went

mine came hard to it’s full extent

didn’t you know about that

they found some screws and bolts in Russian that were dated millions of years old! WE ARE NOT THE FIRST in many ways, and it’s a humbling fact, and it takes a lot global level theatre gymnastics to believe we are the first. But don’t let the the cute little pigeons know their pecking order, it ruins the game and you don’t want to not play, right?

Rememeber when you were a child, where playing and trauma were taken seriously, everything else was a game, the dying jester dying is a game. the ambiguos amorphous architype that holds the hold deck of cards in their soul pallette laughs all laughs, brutal laughs that boil your blood couponed on the stove, the stove that will outlast you, your thoughts, your life, your memories, your tribulations, your affair with this stove, this stove that has given so much warmth to you, the stove that has given you the entire world of endophins day in and day inside in quarantine. The stove that leaks gas but tastes great. The stove that will serve another after you leave in Brooklyn. The stove politics of the entire situation. Yes using the stove, anything that yields a flame to understand under the skin of the car.

Bring me a theatre that doesn’t damage my soul my spirit. Bring me a theatre with no consequences of this fear propaganda, We are here first, one dream, one shot to make it, B.S. Bring me a theatre full of beuaitful ogres and not the creme de la crop of what’s defined as what the rich like.

themes in the story: WE ARE NOT THE FIRST (lol)

10:42 AM

My keyboard came in today I can pick it up as soon as noon so you know how it go :D


Bring Me a Theatre

2020-07-01 10:37:03 -0400 EDT

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