I feel like you can relate to the pain
tell me the story
what going on
in your brain
m i k e
your father died just died
a year ago bout a year ago
and I wanna know

if I can relate to you

you can relate
to a long hike
to closest body of water
then you jump on a boat
thats what I'll do up on the 18th
chads dad died on my dad's birthday
last year I got him a guitar piggy bank
guitar al dia de los muertos
it was on sale
and his eyes swelled
and his eyes through the vicodin
and pain kills
they were disapointed
on his fucking birthday
that was his last birthday
and I still feel bad about that
and now he's dead
and I didn't give him
CPR through Chad did
before the EMTs came
he gave


BoutaYear Ago

2020-11-15 11:38:55 -0500 EST

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