Patience was always more than just a virtue.


@ botannica to finish up the portfolio SHIT FOR THE LAST TIME HOLY SHIT TITS ALMOST SECURE IN WHAT ??

||| Writing poorly? I lost the Freewrite spirit but have been really cleaning up. In a black turtleneck fresh from Muji and got 5 new journals for 3.50. There’s a cypher thing going down close by that I want to check out as well that emma insited we check out ||| ||\||||

Brought a tear to my eye emma saying I’m real welcome to come back to Chicago, cause my mom lost her mind and doesn’t want me to stay over at her house any more, even to visit. And Helen is feeling all torn up and can’t see herself going and moving somewhere with me so I just really have to be loving patient and compassionate.

But time is ticking, life is short, and I have standards!
But’s aside we can probably work it out. Only nugget of hope is that she hopes she’ll feel different, so I’m halfway out in some ways and all the way in in others.

Kinda going to be real hard getting work done here so I should probably go hit up a cafe aha.


Final push for site so I can get hired !?

  • edit bio at top left
  • Add audio tools and video equipment on about
  • add visual and other tools on about
  • change about to
  • fix get in touch form
  • make red lines less intense on the circuit background
  • fix categories thing at the bottom of each post
  • make a bunch of bot accounts for polecat>>>?
  • figure out how to make all songs really easy to find/search

    been lurking quora for 8 years now
    just starting writing back
    cause over the years, the quality of posts have gone down
    lately you see a lot more people writing bloat
    in order to expand their dumb brand or linkedIn profile
    I always wrote because I can't not.
    Writing is why I'm still alive.
    I usually just write songs,
    but you can't always make sound,
    I usually don't have any money
    I'm currently technically homeless, after my dad passed my mom told me I'm not welcome to come back. But I can stay with my sister but it's rough there, you can't get work done there. I am humbly welcome in Chicago, and I want to make things work with my GF but she basically cheated with me on her ex and he just found out and she's all but hurt about it 1 year later and basically is too depressed to see building a future with me. So I'm not sad, I'm just real sad about it all. Cause I'm ready! I mean my dad just died, and I have all these skills, and I'll work anywhere, and I have strong work ethic. Peter is making at least 10 grand a month but was offended and refused to help when I asked if he knew anywhere I could work. I think he's either evil or being controlled by evil forces. I don't feel sorry for myself or anything, this is totally what I signed up for. I spent the last 3 years obsessed with making art, and it came at the expense of all those around me, and it opened up my mind so much that little phases me at this point, this early, at 27, and I love that about myself. I screwed over a lot of people, but all my work is free, open source, and human centric.

Hello awesome foundation , I have made a lot of projects, and you can check them out here . I strive to share everything completely open source, because that’s the kind of world I’d like to live in. I even recorded Mitch at noisebridge back in the day, for a weekly radio show I had at Stanford. You can hear the wisdom he had to share here, mixed in with my music and nature sounds of one of my old professor’s and mentor’s, David Dunn.

I’ll be honest, this has been the hardest year of my life. Being 27 now, I was about 25 when I decided to quit my job, work down at something

|| I only buy black clothes this year ||

in honor of dad

generally passionate beyond belief
generally manic and well rounded human being

dad just died
spent my savings
on his last month of life
day after he dies
mom says cant stay there
I need to move on with my own life
girlfriend is too sad to break up
but wants to
and I am working so hard
but not on bars
cause it was never cool
to have a rich car
that's it they lied to you
it was never cool to be rich
cause it comes at the expense of millions
human capital
not money capital   



WOW Tjs peopple were really nice, had a nice break with helen and all my worries sort of went away, now it’s just time to really push for working hard on being the best man I can be for myself and her and family and friends and strangers and it all. After sniffing around broadway in east village, I finally landed in the soup n burger, a 247 diner. Landing here came from Helen’s recommending TJs, the TJs guys recommending donut pub, to the donut pub guy recommending here. There’s a five dollar minimum so I ordered zuchini sticks though I’m not that hungry, I just want to not annoy them by only ordering coffee and then hanging out here for four hours. Ahahahaha. But really I will run out of battery soon enough :) Helen gets off at two so I’m just going to work on making poliwat more PC.

Making poliwat more PC?


poliwat is anti PC by definition

That’s because the 1984 aspects of politically correct is how people are divided and pitted against each other, and that’s inferred in their language.

I really should’ve gone to a spot with wifi ahahaha

airpods put holes in your brain

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