wed 1057 AM Anyone can make history, but it takes an idiot to write it

About to get a burrito with jack at safeway after bosu ball class and ableton. I’m going to delete many old projects today. I’m tired of people not knowing my music. I’m going to make pop.

Properties of my sound:

  1. Dunn nature audio
  2. h5 zoom fam / life audio
  3. piano chords
  4. trap ass drums

Easy! It’s easier to make music w

day 2 sober

Today I need to hit up my sister in law marisa who lives close by to san mateo and I need to go hangout with her and her new baby!

Also today I need to send out to these companies. I need to secure a client like… now. Jack and his mom are classic zombies going GET A JOB

It’s day 5 of the model pursuit with Jack and he noticed some concave action going down on his upper abs. LOVE IT

The dailies list is going well I’ll get my singing and vocal practice done by around noon 30. cool site

1249 PM

worked out shaved showered

now my goal is to get at least 3 rejection emails in the next 24 hours

(and 1 confirmed client)

people to link checklist:

ivann shubat’s dad katie rogers

wedding event list

thursday 1 AM


My new friend and inspiration

Bosu Balls And Email Slaves

2017-10-11 10:56:40 -0700 -0700

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