Monday 149 PM

Boss up

act as if you’ve already made it

be as if you’ve already made it

I have 17 dollars in my bank account and I’m real hungry.

Haven’t eaten yet today but unlimited coffee at the station is coming in clutch.

update I have 9 dollars 225 PM

mindful morning ritual

Okay time to start I’ve been in the studio for a while now with criminally low blood sugar, bought a peanut seasme salad and croisant, and Avery and I are going to do GRID together tomorrow night so I think I’ll stick around town for it. Getting food will be a challenge though :)

Monday 232 PM

when it comes to love

I might save a soul, saving mine along the way.

copywright || open the gates

tru grit lost tapes

== purpose and meaning, make it a game, confident but realistic, prepare^3, focus on improvement, give help get help, celebrate small wins, laugh,

”““Real grit and dedication pays dividends long after the challenges are over. They build bonds that last a lifetime.”“”

Monday 242 PM

Hackathon: in studio (B) on a bright sunny day.

(D)Sending invoice to Tom(D)
(IP)Paying off all audio debt
Messaging Oliver for 501(c) nonprofit
(D)Post about pale blue sound library
updating to full

Setup pale blue bandcamp

Posting online for clients.

Backup on github

Finish AV script for Pale Blue Home Page / About / Mission

Statement video

Make presskit

-=–=-=-==-=- -=–=-=-==-=- -=–=-=-==-=- -=–=-=-==-=- -=–=-=-==-=- -=–=-=-==-=-

Mantra of 1,000

sell em sell em DT
while live looping the vest
on a battery rig with the PA / portable speaker.

On Friday! (make ark wednesday and thursday)

be brave be beautiful be bold be you

be a breave beautiful bold you

the curse of longevity

brevity of soul

message 50 people about pale blue bitch

I'm working on pale blue dot
feeling like a pale blue bitch
looking for a pale blue bitch

monday 446 PM

no stuggle no fun

Monday 5:34 PM

Pale Blue Map Key:

Types of audio in map; - amb - sample bank - Life quests - humans - critters - nature - oneshots - instrumentals - uncatz


Monday 624 PM

What do I care about

why do we map ?

PBDEp3 what about the founding daughters?


master project name folder:
Amb Humans Instrumentals

Drums oneshots kits percussion loops

monday 815 PM

how many times can I write

Love, Michael Betts

before I feel it change into something beyond me

1000 times?

1000 is a metaphor number

the actual number is chosen at the time you’ve chosen.

when you go from vantage point to sewage is when you go from deciding the action to performing it.

Monday 845 PM

what are the right questions?

-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-

What questions should I ask when

its the first of the month,

pull up siri, alexa or whatever

set a reminder for the 1st of each month…

ask yourself,

what holidays are happening this month?

whose birthdays are happening?

A lesson from the lawyer, if you want to make a point you’re going to need a case.

and I want to make a point of living a good long life, without regrets and blah blah blah don’t kill myself yet please atleast until my family’s dead.

build up a case

evidence that you didn’t exist

but evidence that you tried

that you tried to make the world a better place

the most effective and honest way you could think of

with the love and support from the quality relationships

that you love to explore, cherish, and cultivate.

if it’s the 1st of the month and depression

hasn’t taken my involuntary soul

then for the record, these are the questions I pledge to ask

on the 1st of every month.


Pale Blue Projects Master List :

Add projects into the main menu, with a new page for the following:

  • Pale Blue . (podcast)
  • pale blue lab
  • Overview Effect Project == donate your old computer parts, / volunteer to be an official ambassador of the overview effect project. get permission to set it up somewhere cool in your community!

The laundromat would be a cool place.

Laser cut cases

  • Love as Capital (open source behavior manual for all humans )

^ I’m working on the following projects. Everything about these projects will always be open source. I write daily in a personal blog at

Everyhting about my life revolves around these projects. When people ask if I have a job, yes I own a nonprofit working the above projects.

I own a LLC media production company

How should you spend your time?

I don’t care ! I don’t care if I’m homeless. I only care if I’m shot. I don’t want to be shot. I want to launch off into the void. There needs to be a company that provides 1 way pod shuttles off into space.

Hello ! I’m michael betts !

So officially it’s been a year since this has all started.

  • | Audio Map | combining the power of the studio with the beauty of unique natural acoustic environments.

Pale Blue Live – (schedule of live stream shows with quibs)

Humans as capital and how to grow your capital network

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

If you are a true leader, and not a jester, then there is no task above you and no task below you.

Monday 8848 PM

for the record I’m just as productive while sober than while high (depending on the task)

but it’s been a real productive day.

I am so fucking fast when there’s a solid internet connection. The only hangup today is that I can’t FTP aka can’t access the classic functions.php file for the pale blue fm site.

Avery is coming to the station right meow and we are goint to watch the mini grid performances then perform tomorrow night together.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Monday 1102 PM

normal == normal {} === horse + () === whisper

Rule Jordan Peterson’s 12 Kants for LyF3:

(1) Pax kant be hit for oral fixation

(2)kant wear pants when you freestyle [why would you wear pants?]

(3) {God kant be serious} (Are you serious?)

(4) trump kant be

most people actually want equality

i noticed people usually
if you treat them like an equal
instead of a superior

they not only like it

they treat you like an equal back

and you both sort of engage in this

relationship where the younger person can show the newer tech

to the older one and the older one can lay down what has worked

and not worked in the field for years outside of the youngster's


The guy at GRID told me I could play the lasers tomorrow night if I learn how to do it and he had my pull up a youtube link. Avery and I will figure it out ahahaha it’ll be so fun. I’m locked out of the station still but he is about to get here and I need to fucking lay down some audio.

-==–=-==–=- -==–=-==–=- -==–=-==–=- -==–=-==–=- -==–=-==–=- -==–=-==–=- -==–=-==–=- -==–=-==–=-

teners === posts that are 10 minutes

fck sprinklers turned on laptop is getting wet

Tuesday 1229 am

Girl sit on my face

Cause I eat orange with the rind

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=






Tuesday 252 AM

=-=–=–=-= =-=–=–=-= =-=–=–=-=

why children must go to be

mama baba yaga took me aka my first love threw me for loop this while done broke

friday 1 am

:( )

pay scott

I’m too slow

and in many ways

it feels like I’ve failed again

because I know what perfect looks like

it’s real clear

the visions real clear

clean room

Friday 752 PM

– the next day –

Friday 818 PM

it fetal || freestyle

Friday 920 PM

OK ok ok ok

I'm really lost, I'm about 10 hours from the mental hotel.

I just can't seem to get it out of my head. Freestlying and reading are the only two tasks I can do while awake. I need to edit the drpyto podcasts right now. I need  

an ipo hippo

instead of chasin lifestyle tail
 bottomless biki bottoms

 my mind is tinger with
 rap my crass is in the sack

 I need the next train ride
 I need the next track

 my mind has broken
 Im broke off this heart attack

 but i will
 i need to perspire
 i aspire to conqeur
 perspire till you retire
 i think in code on computer

john brown

susan gillman

why are we imagining this alternative history

what are we tring to shows what is the author trying to shit out

in order to make rent

remember its always about the others

=–=-=-==–==–= =–=-=-==–==–=

Boss Up

2018-06-04 13:49:01 -0700 -0700

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