Thursday 1055 AM

Late start but damn I really needed to sleep. Allan watts was in the back

So pale blue got a lab ! That’s what we’re calling the makerspace. I’ve been out here mostly the past 3 days getting recipes going for

I need to get more done, yesterday I got distracted cause I was hanging out with Krishna.

Krishna is this 76 year old indian man that has lived out here for at least 20 years. He’s a trippy dude. He’s making these copper braclets and chains by hand. I want to make one for

unrelated audio of a guy I bought icecream for in SF :

Max has been around a few times and Hunter came in last night and is all about taking this lab to the next level. I didn’t have a name for the makerspace but was calling it pale blue shop in my head (because rent is due at the end of the month and the only way to make rent is to launch an online laser cut art store HA )

So pale blue Lab it is! We even have a discord server now ahaha.

Darlene is coming around 5 probably with a 2 tb hhdd I can use - saving my life!

I’ve honestly been off the grid the past two days, just hunkering down on the laser and also making the makerspace nicer. It’s nice being able to have fires where you work. But sadly and only I know this at this point, but Gwen the artist that made the Centaur statue in the garden is taking the carport at the end of the month because she’s moving off the grid with a trailer and her sweetie in Felton.

SO we have a few weeks to figure out a new carport situation or to erect a shelter or some sorts. I’m down for building a structure but would like to see if Niko has time cause I really just want the most time cutting.

Tools so far:

Chinese 40 W Laser Cutter

Chicago w 10 inch blade

Compound slide milter saw


3 pi’s

alright by the end of the day I’m starting the online store - with the pale blue coaster - man on one side and cursive paleblue fm on the other.

then Im writing the recipe to make them, and a template / formula for finding a tree branch in the woods and then making 9 of them at a time.

how fast can you rise and how quickly can you give

I give I give in to cynicism when I see people dancing So I’ll dance harder than the next 50

in private a particular professor admits how to escape school attain clarity

no more hydrocodone I prefer to feel thanks in extreme

I’m useless

professor informed me of 3 secrets so secrets I kept you wanna know the three secrets

he us

Chopping block

Thursday 1157 AM

wall slides =—=-=-=-=-= epic -=-=-=-=-=-=- epic epidemic of lonelisness ==—=-=-=-=-=


IDC cause tonight I’m making schizop

What I need from you -

tbs cloud

for the pale blue cloud


make pale blue lab sign

write cathy nelson

start paly blue shop

write about page

add credits to each ep =-=-=-=

email out to get the 501© going again

This is all that matters, the rest is EC

=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=


thursday 122 pm

yeah so

fuck it took too long to get to this window fuck me

SZA - Go Gina (Stripped)

making rap conservatory playlist and about to edit audio but my HDD is full. ran outa application mem.

Hunter is going to save my fucking life with giving me sanity on this cloud server we’re setting up.

5 bucks for 2 TBs at campus! I got venmo dog :)

All my accounts are frozen. I have virtually no money. I managed to get the credit card good until June, so it’s just all about making 850 bucks in the next two weeks through PBD.

I can’t work on anything else except my projects, and I’m willing to go homeless for them. I don’t like to talk about financial stuggles here in Santa Cruz to most people, because it ruins the wonderful moments with them. And it’s becoming more and more convincing. I’m on the right path, I just have to hunker down, and execute more and more effective actions. My beliefs are not in question, PBD and have matured into pieces outside of me. Somedays I’m just along for the ride.


Audio Equipment:

## ## ## ## ## ## ##

where do you stand I sit I crawl that under rated you’re under aged I over faded aided ated all the beef discord

for whom the feds roll for whome the bells toll for dfw we lost him I lost my faith till I tripped into the redwoods on acid rain

honour god

mapacho tobacco

Audio Equipment List: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol 49 Mashine 2 Ableton Sm7 b Mic Super nice modded ribbon mic 8 Channel Scarlett interface Various dynamic and condenscor mics PA system Drumset Guitars for days Zoom H5 audio recorder


I still have your headphones sarah!

why do they sound like shit ahahaha

thursday 404 PM

I talk to bots daily

I only hypothetical hiphop

I only hypothetical house



scooter battery - someone

Birth Of Paleblue Lab

2018-05-10 10:49:05 -0700 -0700

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