Tuesday 115 AM

Shubat and Niko and I made music

152 am

operation trip the shhaman

fuck I typed that then forgot the actual idea

theres a lot to intuition you cant think

would you forgive my infinite apatite nights
i eat a truth and a half

day 1

i cant sing

day 2

i can sing

would you forgive my love of off brand
high key loy key off key
only progress I see through chords in minor  keys

today was the best day
kenzie caught a rat by the tail
katie brought master chef to their knees
darlene need da pale
women come in droves
supposed to get old
I know I will
and I know it won't

pen though peter
pen over sword
ardvark nardwar your dreams away

Birth Of Pale Blue Spot With Scott

2018-07-03 01:14:57 -0700 -0700

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