Sundat 1208 AM

kevin’s drunk

criag’s outside talking to him

kevin’s trying to talk shit on me cause he’s being zoned in on by craig, concerned about his drinking.

I’m concerned but have strong opinions on what freedom looks like.

-=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=-

Freedom is allowing my friends to submit to any poisons they feel they need to

that’s what freedom looks like, crack heads sharing the streets with teslas.

I am a little ahead of schedule, I thought it would take 6 days to get the Studio up and running - it’s about 75% operational and the end of day 3.

I haven’t been journalling cause I’ve been too sad, and writing couldn’t provide the physical exertion that I needed.

But basically in my head I’ve been thinking about the ideal day - to - day beat for this place. I’m treating this space like it’s the hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ. 1 hour in here is like 3 hours of producing anywhere else, because of the environment. I’m using my parents old gear. I have their old recordings, song notes, pictures, and instruments. I found a vhs tape of my dad playing bass in Los Alamos at some saloon type venue. Kevin and I set up the old vhs recorder too - the old thing that I used to make home videos on. I wonder if any of my home videos are around here… surprised I haven’t come across any yet.

Basically been getting good audio but not uploading - tomorrow is going to be a big upload day. Chad will be around too !

Officially I’m not going to let kevin drink and will take his drinks since he was such a dick tonight - but I guess I deserve it in some respects, because behind all his criticisms and disses, I know those are abstracted away from him feeling like I treat him like an intellectual plaything that provides smokes.

Man so what are my goals even? Been smoking like mac demarco lately.

-=-=- specify hop, jump, skip



skip ```

bad friends come in good use

my parents are good dogs

good god ```]

break their own creedo

Birth of Linda Rose Studio

2018-10-07 00:07:48 -0700 -0700

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