Friday 11:26 PM

I am here in this room to do one job only. Finish the album. and everything that’s a bi-product - part of the journey that it takes to make an album out of range.

by sunday the studio will be finished and chad and I will record in here for the first time. Hopefully kevin’s in too. he’s been drinking and my parents are trying to get rent from him. He barely will talk and is out of commission on league. Living with and observing the life of an alcoholic, and the drunk shaman in particlular is as such:

in a specific action-based cycle:

A) he drinks too much

B) he gets mean

this cycle doesn’t give a damn of the many others, like they don’t of it though

I only listen to my own music and bbc

hi res photo of my face

with my eyes as spliffs

hald green half cig


sat dat 129


ok ok

using that previous advice from my past

but forgot

I’m loosey goosey

cause I’m writing lryics

-=-=-=- -=-=-=-

Big Moves

2018-10-05 23:25:47 -0700 -0700

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