that’s what my dad said he wants to do 3 applications of roundup in the way back and ironically there were 2 commercials of the monsanto class acttion lawsuit stuff saying to call if you’ve been exposed to chemicals.

so I’m not about it. hate it. hate it hate it all and everyone’s gone an dI just need to record my albums and my mood is gone .

this tongue past words


@dmv with chad, chose to pop a squat cause there’s a long line. Chris and Blake wanna hangout today as well which is great so I can get some tracks down. becca said the album was real good whne I did it live for her while we were driving to ag for a lunch at the beach - said I need to record it asap ||

it’s going to be a productive day I can only pray ||

7 days to record the whole album? It’s possible but I need to borrow / use a combo of jordans / chads / chris’s mics on different days, with the wind, cause that’s where the friends are

going to finalize the lyrics for too so it pulls up in the feed, and also convert a png to a gif for the YT livestream, which will be approved to work tonight. Just need to add more tape to it honestly, but the playlist as it stands now is about 138 tracks (mostly instrumentals), which will be played on shuffle 24 7

=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=

also I got some graduate columbia uni resources from Bec for film stuff and I’ll scope that, basically done with the first 2 screenplays, and working on the 3rd - it’s going to be 5 in total for the debut schizop album.

aaaaaahhhghg gghghggh

my tongue past words
Dressed like she 18 dough

I was a gay kid
they beat it out of me
now I'm a straight savant

Better Living Through Chemicals

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