CHAD polecat and I met on chat roulette, we both rapped at each other

Lowkey worker 1

LOWKEY WORKER 1 She said she’s going to be late should I lock her out?

LOWKEY WORKER 2 Unacceptable


and I couldn't hold my fast
going to a new cafe
known for healthy sandwhiches
and just ordering more caffeine
seemed dumber than when you don't want to spend money
but if you have to before you come home
you drink

Lowkey worker 2
she walk in great tits cute asiam

im looking for a book

that as you read it

it feels like my nonlabelist life partner gross's
ass cheeks are completely settled on my face.
is there a book thats make me feel that while
she's away? in la?
ill join sooon on account of jordan's operation.

but first time at urbane cafe
and gotta type for songbook binder
and everyday will be like a hiliday christmas jangke version is playing

so I thought of you
wrote you
before I knew
this song this song
don't get me wrong

all these people are gonna try and make a point saying ‘all the guys here’ or whatever and its retarded speech and its how you know if you’re a pig spoon feed or cucumberr head that knows better.

is that a reason to banter?

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