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Captured memories is a main quest in Zelda. You need to find these 12(or 13?) lost memories across the expansive regions of the game.

Operation Captured Memories is the new official code name for the time capsule that we are burying at a graveyard in a couple weeks. So far this is what the box has:

  1. graduation certificiate from UCSC (which I’ll write a letter to my future self on)
  2. yoshi model from Mcdonalds
  3. little note I left for Tara (Jordan Lipaz’s GF) when I visited her trailer at the trailer park


Leave this world with nothing but an audio trail

Made this from hanging out with Prue nearly two weeks ago

Drunken Master Type Beat

Grasshopper Type Beat

Made 4 of these with Chad and Kevin (also notable PLAYERS chris and sean ) ! Mostly by 1 night of not being sick + 9 days of being sick. 19 backwards is 91. add 1 and that’s 911.

–=–=-==—==–=-=-=–=- –=–=-==—==–=-=-=–=- –=–=-==—==–=-=-=–=- –=–=-==—==–=-=-=–=- –=–=-==—==–=-=-=–=- 918 PM

two things:

1 - I never gave Bonnie her gift from Marquette (troll socks) and just wrapped it up with a hard drive cable I’m returning to her. This past year I’ve been getting gifts for people and not giving it to them. That needs to stop.

2 - I forgot JK mom fell aslep so I can’t have her read the letter.


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fear type beat

Beat Inventory and Captured Memories

2017-09-10 15:24:24 -0700 -0700

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